Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La Vieille Ferme at the New Farm

On a visit to Bloomington, Indiana last week, I had a chance to eat at the relatively new FARMrestaurant. The restaurant specializes in "real food," based on chef Daniel Orr's belief that "simplicity is beauty." Among his stated goals: "the art of finding food's true essence and flavor." Appropriately enough, a featured wine at the Farm is La Vieille Ferme ("the old farm")--red, white or rose for $4 a glass or $7.50 for an old-fashioned pint milk jug filled to the brim.

Well, yes, the name is perfect; but so is the wine. La Vieille Ferme is based on the same themes mentioned above: "simplicity is beauty," and "the art of finding the true essence and flavor" of the grapes. A jug of LVF red for $7.50 was enough for three of us, and the flavors were every bit as simple, complex and artful as the food we were eating: sorghum glazed double pork chop with roasted root vegetables and greens; roasted tandoori salmon with cabbage salad and five-grain pilaf; and seared Fischer Farms skirt steak with garlic and chili fries. Wow. Talk about after taste: it's been a week, and I'm still enjoying.

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