Thursday, November 22, 2007

Santenay (Gravieres), Pierre Bouree Fils, 1982

Okay, a 1982 red Burgundy is hardly an every day wine. But Santenay is not a prestige appellation, and at $9.69, this wine was relatively inexpensive, even in 1983 dollars. When I bought the wine, I expected to cellar it...but not for 25 years. Some wines that get overlooked in the cellar can be disappointing; this one was not.

The color was light--a definite garnet/amber. The wine was clearly aged in large, old barrels rather than new oak barriques. This is reflected not only in the color but in some charred, old wood notes on the nose. Otherwise the bouquet has clean floral, herbal, fruit tones, high-toned and lovely. The palate though is where this wine really struts its stuff. It's ripe--sweet actually but in the best way--and it glides like silk across the palate, leaving the tongue begging for more. An excellent representative of a mature, traditionally styled wine. Great with filet mignon.

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