Thursday, November 27, 2014

SeaGlass Santa Barbara Pinot Noir, 2008

Dick Scheer and his citizen tasting panel at Village Corner in Ann Arbor like this New World Pinot for its Old World earthiness. And I agree: it does have the earthy smells and flavors of a good Bourgogne Rouge.

Beautiful Pinot ruby color. Cherry smells and flavors with ginger spiciness in the background. Burnished and Burgundian. On the tongue, it's very sleek and ripe from front to back but with enough acidity to keep it lively. I find it hard to put the glass down.

The SeaGlass Pinot that is on the shelves right now is the 2013. This is the 2010 so it's had time to gather up some goodness. Seems at a perfect stage for drinking right now, but who knows? It could get even better. At $8 to $12, it's a tremendous bargain.

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