Saturday, November 1, 2014

Louis Latour Marsannay, 2006

Marsannay is the northernmost appellation of Burgundy, bordering on the suburbs of Dijon. Although it may be close in terms of distance to the greatest Pinot Noir appellations, it is not close at all in terms of reputation or price. Louis Latour's Marsannay usually sells for about $20, and when you can find it discounted for $16 or so, it is a very good value.

Very light in color, but that's not necessarily a bad sign for a Pinot. The aromas and flavors move toward strawberry on the spectrum. Delicate and ripe. Well worth exploring every nook and cranny. Lacey fruit flavors, a beautiful match for the delicate flavors and texture of rainbow trout. Compared to Anderson Valley and Russian River Pinots that I have been exploring recently, this wine is less complex, without the cranberry/red cherry tones, but has similar lively acidity. I like it and will come back for more.

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