Saturday, November 1, 2014

Macon-Lugny Les Charmes Chardonnay, 2010

Les Charmes is the name of an old and respected vineyard in the Macon area of Burgundy. It is also an appropriate name for this charming Chardonnay. The current vintage (still available for $10.99 at World Market) is 2013; this bottle is three years further along in its development and, for my taste, that development is positive.

Medium deep yellow. Spiced apple smells. Apple and nutmeg. Not really Granny Smith apples but fuller and deeper like Red Delicious. Unadorned Chardonnay scents--what Macon is all about. Both the aroma and flavors get deeper and deeper, better and better. Not a vibrant wine as it was a couple of years ago, but a charming accompaniment to a vegetable centered meal. I'll go back and get some of the 2013 vintage.

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