Sunday, November 2, 2014

Khalkhal-Pamies Plaisir de Lys Minervois, 2011

Now this is a wine that matches up well with the pizza. The wine makes the pizza taste better; the pizza makes the wine taste better. That doesn't mean this is less of a wine than the Marsannay; in many ways, it is superior. But it has the bold aromas and flavors needed to stand up to the tomato/onion/artichoke pizza.

The color is deep, dark and purplish. It's a blend of Carignan (50%) plus Grenache and Syrah made traditionally without new oak contact. The aromas at this stage are very primary--blue plums and spice, youthful and bold. I taste lots of crunchy black pepper along with the dark fruits. A country wine with dramatic flavors. Also a lot of depth. I like it. A Jon Rimmerman ( selection that sells for about $16 a bottle.

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