Monday, August 11, 2008

R Wines Strong Arms South Australia Shiraz, 2006

If you're looking for a simple wine that's pleasurable to gulp (as some have described the Los Dos Spanish wine below), then I think this wine is a better choice. Strong Arms Shiraz was awared 91 points by the Wine Advocate, but for my taste, it's a bit ripe, alcoholic and one dimensional. I love fruit-oriented wines, but this one comes short on definition and flavor interest--probably because the grapes were picked too late. With pizza, I found it okay but, at $10, not the "remarkable value" cited by the Wine Advocate review.


  1. Hey Hey Fred! I love the bottle, the screwcap, the price. I read the alcohol content and put it back -- your review made me glad I did! I find that I can't drink the high alcohol content ones anymore (in the quantity I like)! Am drinking a Hess Small Block Series '06 Pinot Noir. I think it is high alcohol for a Pinot? 14.5%?! I could report on that effect tomorrow!
    Normally don't like Pinot Noir's...too "thin" but this has a smokey quality that makes me want more. Thin and big all at once.

  2. Hey Merely! The Strong Arms packaging is great, and maybe I was too hard on it, but the style is becoming a cliche for some Australian wines. Most of these wines are created specifically for the American market and are barely known by traditional Australian wine drinkers like my brother-in-law.

    For me, 14.5% is in the ballpark; 15.5% is pushing it.

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