Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lirac Chateau de Segries, 1998

This is another example of a 1998 Cotes du Rhone Villages wine strutting its stuff after 10 years in the bottle. Chateau de Segries' Lirac has been very drinkable from the very beginning, but the tannic edge has now faded to reveal deeper pleasures.

The color is a deep ruby/crimson, and I detect no amber tones. The traditional old vine Grenache/Syrah bouquet is apparent from the first sniff. Black raspberries and dark-toned minerals, savory and satisfying. On the palate, the wine is savory and laid back with lots of subtle complexities. It doesn't dance on the tongue but rather steps gracefully across it, leaving a long, silky finish. This wine is not currently on my yearly buy list, but it soon will be.

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