Monday, August 11, 2008

Almira Los Dos Campo de Borja, 2006

I've seen some user notes on this wine labeling it "good but simple." I say the only thing "simple" about this wine is its price. The wine sells for about $8 a bottle; I paid $8 for a glass in a restaurant and thought it was a bargain.

Flavors and aromas are what you would expect from a Spanish Grenach/Syrah blend (80%/20%)--cherries, berries, spice and pepper. In addition, it has haunting old vines character and surprising depth and concentration for a wine of this price level. It is clearly traditionally made with none of the bells and whistles of modern, international winemaking. Traditional fermentation without carbonic maceration and aging in stainless steel. I say this is a wine to take seriously.

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