Monday, January 23, 2012

Terra Noble Gran Reserva Maule Valley (Chile) Carmenere, 2009

This was an even better match for the beef tenderloin/bearnaise sauce. Very deep, bluish. Lifted smells of cherries, dark berries, coffee and dark chocolate. Carmenere is believed to be a distant relative of Merlot (not a clone as I posted previously) and was once used in Bordeaux blends. As with Merlot, cheaper versions of Carmenere often come with green vegetable tones that turn me away, but this wine takes the high road--a lively herbaceousness very nicely countered and framed by the toasty French oak. Lush and velvety on the palate. Has many of the qualities you might expect from a classed growth Pomerol or Saint Emilion. The label and packaging are also classy; an impressive wine for about $15 a bottle.


  1. Fred, this was very interesting to me as I prepare to do a wine tasting of Carmenere wine; I did not know it had close relations to Merlot (Though I did know they are two of the six red Bordeaux varietals), and that might explain the vegetive quality.
    I have tried the Terra Noble Syrah which I liked very much. Between the two thumbs-up (sort of), my confidence in this winery is elevated.