Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Harbor Leelanau Peninsula Pinot Grigio Reserve, 2006

This was my favorite Good Harbor wine when I tasted at the winery during the summer of 2010. While it was very good at that time, it is even better tonight with an additional year and a half of aging.

The color includes some copper tones, common among wines from the Pinot Gris grape and clearly not a sign of early oxidation. It has more body and power than most northern Italian Pinot Grigios. In fact, I would have called it "Pinot Gris," because it is more like the Alsace than the Italian versions. (The grape is the same, of course.) Aromas and flavors have a nice citric edge, and there is good freshness and life as well as substantial power. The blend includes 20% Chardonnay, and it has undergone some oak aging. Fortunately, though, the oak qualities are in the background, letting the strong fruit speak for itself.

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