Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Domaine Remejeanne Cotes du Rhone Les Arbousiers, 2011

The color of this Domaine Remejeanne Cotes du Rhone is a deep, dark, purplish crimson. I guessed on first glance that it was a blend high in Syrah (60% Syrah or higher). But I was wrong; the blend is 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah--still richer in Syrah than most Cotes du Rhone wines. I smell black raspberries and peppercorns--again Syrah aromas. On the second night, the red fruited Grenache traits begin to emerge. The wine has firm structure and is much higher in alcohol (15%) than I would guess. Pepper, pepper and more pepper. Good acid and a long finish that is focused on red as well as black fruits. Well made wine, true to Southern Rhone traditions.

I've always liked Remejeanne's wines, but they have not been available in my area for several years. This wine was purchased for about $12 from Garagiste.com. And I would buy more.

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