Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bouchaine Carneros Pinot Noir, 2004

Wine grapes have been grown at the Bouchaine site since the 1850s, but the current estate is owned and run by Gerret and Tatiana Copeland, both lovers of Burgundian wines. Although I would say that this 2004 Pinot has a definite New World character, it is authentic Pinot Noir, well grown and well made, that is clearly benefiting from time in the bottle.

Deep and dark, particularly for a wine that has been in the bottle for more than a decade. No sign of advanced age in appearance, aroma or flavor. The bouquet, in fact, is exceptional--cherry, cranberry fruit with floral and spicebox tones. Something new with every sniff. Flavors are not quite as complex, but there is plenty of ripe, exuberant fruit with good acid on the finish. Not quite up to the quality of the Eric Ross Russian River Pinot we had two weeks ago, but there is plenty to like here.

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