Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monkey Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2007

When I bought this Monkey Bay Sauvignon last December, it was very good; by May of this year, it was singing. But it's evolving quickly. Whereas I smelled blood orange, grapefruit and racy, exotic elements in May, this bottle is pretty typical of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc--dominated by scents and flavors of green bell pepper and jalopena. It's racy and fine, but I preferred the face it was showing in May.

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  1. Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc is delightfully fresh and lively. Overflowing with ripe,sweet flavours of grapefruit and lemon, the palate is infused with delicate herbal characters. Finishing crisp and refreshing, this wine balances intense fruit qualities and zesty acidity with the fullness and complexity derived from maturation read more...on yeast lees.The taste is even better with some great Cuban Cigars.