Monday, October 17, 2016

Nerelo del Bastardo Vino da Tavola, 2008

Nerelo del Bastardo is my number one bargain wine from Trader Joe's over the years. It was $5.99 a bottle when I started buying it with the 1999 vintage, but the price has gone up (and the quality down) in recent vintages. There is nothing wrong with this 2008, though.

The label hints that the wine is made from Nebbiolo ("certain BIG wines that we are not permitted to mention here, under Italian law.") And the wine does, indeed, have many of the traits of a Nebbiolo, although I suspect that some other grape (Syrah? Sangiovese? Cabernet?) is part of the blend.

Deep ruby, none of the amber that is typical of even relatively young Nebbiolo. At first, the nose is a bit shy, but it opens nicely after an hour or so. It's on the palate, though, that the Nebbiolo traits appear--rich dark cherry with floral undertones. Fills the mouth. Plenty of tannin here but also lots of acid. Still accessible and exciting to drink. More like Barolo than Barbaresco.

I still have some Bastardo bottles from 1999, 2000 and 2002. And they were all doing fine the last time I tried them. This 2008 may never become as good; then again, it might be even better.

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