Thursday, October 27, 2011

Justin Monmousseau Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, 2009

This is a wine to drink with your breakfast grapefruit. I'm kidding, of course. It's a nice, low-priced Loire Sauvignon Blanc but more than a bit on the tangy side. Grapefruit and slightly ripe pineapple. Not the kind of tropical fruit you might get from a Monterey County Chardonnay. Strong mineral presence and also a touch of sea salt. Gooseberries and canteloupe. Very tangy, almost to the point of being non-food-friendly--makes a pork with tomatillo and peppers dish taste downright sweet.

Generic Touraine Sauvignon Blancs are often this shrill. They lack the elegance of Sancerre or Pouilly Fume but can be very enjoyable in the proper context. I bought this bottle for less than $10 at the huge Jungle Jim's store near Cincinnati, OH.

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