Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McWilliams Hanwood Estate Southeastern Australian Shiraz, 2005

This is another widely available Australian Shiraz that has won Tasters' Guild gold medals at the $8 to $12 price level. The Southeastern Australia appellation indicates that the grapes come from a high production area that provides most of the material for Australian wines in this price bracket.

This 2005 is a deep, dark ruby with a typically big Shiraz nose--plummy, spicy with some American oak-influenced vanilla and dill. There are some slightly rough tannins on the mid-palate along with plummy fruit and then dark berry flavors on the finish. On the second night, the rough tannins are mostly gone, indicating that the wine might benefit from some aeration. I've been told of a device that fits on the neck of a bottle and aerates as it pours. I think such a device would be ideal for wines of this type.


  1. My wife and really enjoyed this bottle, great wine at this price, got it on sale for about $7.00US. Agree with the tasters notes about the tannins. Went back for another bottle and mistakenly grabbed a 2006...that was a mistake, the alcohol is overpowering in the 2006 and drowns all the subtle flavors, the nose alone would make you think you could run your car on it. Don't be fooled, the 2005 is where its at.

  2. Thanks, Greg. And thanks for the heads up on the 2006. I bought a few bottles of this in 2004 and 2005 and was planning to do the same for the 2006 vintage. Unfortunately, the trend toward higher alcohol is growing.